Portable Power Solutions

Powercases is a private company based in North America and Europe. The company focuses on lithium-ion technology to power compact, efficient and reliable batteries for a number of important uses related to vehicles, telephones and audiovisual equipment. Powercases seeks custom solutions that will be valuable to customers based on their unique needs and works closely with customers to achieve this result.

The principal executives and shareholders of the company are Jeff Mason, Global CEO, based in Toronto, Canada and Nik Powell, UK Managing Director, based in London, England.

- Powercases takes pride in the quality standards it applies to the manufacture of its products and all products come with a one-year warranty -

Jeff, Nik and all members of the sales team in Canada and the United Kingdom welcome the opportunity to discuss the advantages of a lithium-ion power solution with customers throughout the world.


Jeff Mason jeff.mason@powercases.com

Nik Powell nik.powell@powercases.com

Fraser Mason fraser.mason@powercases.com

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We offer the best solution for your car's battery problems. You will never be in the situation to run late to your work or break down with your vehicle on the side of the road because of a faulty battery - our portable Jump Starters are powerfull enough to start your scooter, motorcycle, car, van, truck, or boat; they can even charge your mobile devices.

Consumer Electronics

Talk, Listen, Play and Explore for Longer.

PowerCases are protective cases for iPhones, iPads and other devices that incorporate an ultra-slim, lightweight lithium polymer battery pack that can recharge your device. Never run out of battery again with power and protection on the go.

Custom Solutions

We create innovative and exciting new products based on lithium ion battery technology - to view a list of existing products, please visit the Products section.